Medical Management Services

LuxMed Management Service Organization is a Medical/Practice Management company dedicated to making the success of your practice as easy as possible. During the pandemic and now transitional period, many normal ways of medical practice have shifted, including patient care staffing and compliance. We are certain many practices are at a standstill or restructuring period in which new policy and procedures need to be created and put into place for a fully functioning, accessible and profitable practice. You may be wondering how to get your office back to a full functioning and make it better ! LuxMed MSO is available to you with the goal of addressing your concerns and to take you practice to the next level.
Each office and practice are different and so we offer an a la carte services to personalize your needs.
Our mission is to help Medical Practices become more successful, efficient and accessible to the community they serve while taking the stress from the Practitioners and owners.

Let us help you take your office struggles and stresses and turn it into great patient care and revenue.

LuxMed MSO Services


Billing and Collection Services

Proper & efficient billing and collections are crucial to practice sustainability and growth. Our team does not just submit bills but we follow all rejections until payment is received.

*Our collection percentage is over 95%*

*We credential and maintain your practice with insurances*

*You get personalized communications and monthly billing reports*

  • Establish and maintain billing and collection policies and procedures
  • Billing and collections and record maintenance of charges for services rendered by practice
  • Performing monthly financial and patient-related statistics reports categorized by provider and payroll

Practice Site Management Services

  • Furnishing of Practice Site
  • Arrange Utilities for Practice site
  • Maintenance and provision of janitorial services at Practice site
  • Property waste and management
  • Furnishings and Equipment Services
  • Provide Furniture, fixture and equipment for conduct of Practice
  • Maintenance of furniture and equipment
  • Human Resources /Physician and Personnel Management Services
  • Administration of all personal and non-professional support and staff
  • Develop, maintain as execute job description and licensing
  • Design, process and execute interview process and recruitment decisions for all providers and other personnel
  • Training of providers and other personnel including, without limitation, coding and billing documentation training and continuing education
  • Management a provider and personnel compensation
  • Consultation with practice regarding hiring and firing of any providers

Administrative Services

  • Furnishing of office supplies
  • Management of payroll services
  • Patient scheduling and insurance verification
  • Establishment of policies and procedures for professional practice
  • Coordinating applications and maintenance of all federal, state, and local licenses for the operation of practice (excluding provider licenses)
  • Contract negotiation services with third parties including, without limitation, health maintenance or managed-care organizations, insurance policies, vendors, Cisco intermediaries, and government payors

Financial Services

  • Management of practice bank accounts for cash flow management, deposits of receipts, preparation of accounts receivable summary reports, and calculation and just disbursement of account payable
  • Performing monthly bookkeeping functions, including bank reconciliations, maintenance of books and records, and preparation of financial statements
  • Developing annual operating and capital budget for practice
  • Coordination of payroll processing and payroll tax payments
  • Cooperating with outside accountant and prepare in various schedules and other information
  • Management of revenue cycle and divisional revenue and cost allocation
  • Debt management and cooperation with lenders to provide necessary documents and information upon request, including, without limitation, fulfilling loan covenants and reporting requirements

Consulting Services for Business Operations & Coordination of Professional Services

  • Assisting practice and evaluating of potential additional resources of patients
  • Assistant practice in evaluating and developing business lines and service areas in which practice can expand operations
  • Evaluation of new technologies, methods and protocols
  • Evaluation and development of quality assurance and utilization review programs for practice
  • Consultation with practice concerning feasibility and profitability of establishing new office locations and assistance and identifying suitable locations
  • Negotiating purchase contract or leases
  • Supervising renovations/ constructions and integrating new offices into practice operations
  • Assisting practice in developing strategic business plans
  • Identifying and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for practice
  • Consulting with practice to develop and revise practice guidelines
  • Consulting with practice regarding peer review procedures for providers
  • Consulting with practice and consulting regarding contractual compliance
  • Assisting practice in obtaining legal advice and other consultants and advisors as necessary

Information Systems Management Services

  • Provisions of management information and telecommunication system services, such as email, fax, authorization modules, and voicemail
  • Coordination of installation, implementation and integration of electronic health record system
  • Coordination and installation of information Technology Services such as network maintenance, security, data and software management and IT compliance
  • licensing the use of all telephone numbers, facsimile, Numbers, and Internet domain addresses meeting for the practice

Marketing and Public Relations Support Services

  • Provide assistance to practice with marketing and public relations activities
  • Management of advertisements, social media, and website
  • Consulting with practice for crisis management
  • Coordination of marketing events, community engagement, and preparation of print and other promotional material for patients

Our services cover ALL aspects of medical practice/office management & administration.

Complimentary practice assessment available to all new clients

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